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Zulassungen und Werksprüfungen unserer Luftschichtanker und Metallartikel

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Below you can find the certificates that belong to our products. The certificates are in German due to the fact that they are issued by the supervisory building authority Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik.

If you have any question regarding to the certificates, feel free to contact us.

Facade plug with approval

Two-part cavity wall tie-DUO

Loop anchors

Cavity wall tie model ZV-Welle

Cavity wall tie model ZV-Welle/5

Plug cavity wall tie PU-Welle

Cavity wall tie model PB 10

Multi-cavity wall tie

Wall starter

Easy-span hanger

Wire anchors 4mm cavity width up to 250 mm

Multi-plus-cavity wall tie

Universal threaded cavity wall tie for timber

Express nails

Concrete screws

Hammer Fixings

Insulation board plugs, metal

PB wall starter


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