Product overview

Bever offers you a wide range of high-quality articles made of wire and strip steel for all aspects of modern facade technology as well as for interior fittings.

Cavity wall ties & accessories

Cavity wall ties are used to connect a double-skin masonry (clinker facade). Generally building authority approved systems are available for insertion (new construction) as well as for subsequent fastening (renovation). Shell distances (insulation plus cavity wall tie) up to 250 mm or up to 400 mm with ZV-Welle/5 are approved by the building authorities. Wire anchors for larger shell distances can be manufactured on request.

Wall ties & Connecting anchors

Wall connectors and connecting ties are used to butt two walls. The time-consuming interlocking is no longer necessary. Various types of wall connectors made of stainless steel for use in the joint are generally approved by the building authorities. The connecting ties, made of stainless steel or galvanised steel, are used in conjunction with a rail system (e.g. concrete construction). Factory tests are available for various types.

Insulation fixings

For fastening different types of insulation for different masonries, we offer insulation fasteners adapted to this. The insulation anchors are supplied in metal, stainless steel or galvanised steel, in plastic, in several parts or in one part, each adapted to the requirements.

Roofing, Facades & Nails

From the special facade screw with RAL-coloured painted heads to plumber's screws and standard articles such as steel nails or various types of pins, we offer a wide range in many designs and dimensions.

Chipboard & Terrace screws

We also offer chipboard screws as all-purpose screws for special applications. Whether in yellow galvanised with cross recess or T - Rox, whether with full or partial thread, in stainless steel with or without drill point in standard or small packaging, this range meets almost all requirements. Just like the terrace screw for screwing hardwoods together with the accessories.

Dry interiors

From the standard drywall screw to adjusting and spacer screws, from the suspension wire to the quick-release hanger, the solutions for the fastening tasks of the drywall constructor are solved here.

Finding the right cavity wall tie

You are not sure which cavity wall tie fits your project? Get your answer with just a few clicks.

Plugs and installation technology

The nylon standard anchor is generally known today. In addition, we offer solutions for light fixings as well as dowels for heavier loads. In addition to fixings for window installation, we also offer dowel technology for cavity fixings or plasterboard here.

DIN & standard articles

The DIN and standard articles programme includes the standard programme of hexagonal wood screws, machine screws, threaded rods and various types of washers. We also provide parts of our range in attractive stacking box packaging.

Custom-made products

Always with structural engineering in mind, BEVER GmbH is not only able to produce sample parts or small series cost-effectively. The design of the automatic production machines also allows for the production of new developments until they can be manufactured in large series on tool-controlled production lines due to their market acceptance.

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