Cavity wall tie for timber

The WELLTEC screw-in anchor made of stainless steel part no. 1.4401 / 1.4362 is generally approved by the building authorities.

Go to Connection of facing masonry with or without thermal insulation on timber substructures and for the anchoring at the Brick lining of half-timbering.

With the special screw-in adapter, the universal screw-in anchor can be screwed into the wooden substrate precisely and efficiently. There is no need to angle the anchor into the facing shell.

  • 1* Generally approved by the building authorities, the specified shell distances take into account a planking of the stud frame of 20 mm.
  • Other lengths on request

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Article Data

Art. NoDimensionCavity widthBox
102503.0 x 180 mmup to 80 mm250
102603.0 x 210 mmup to 110 mm250
Art. NoDimension Cavity widthBox
102904.0 x 160 mm up to 40 mm250
103004.0 x 180 mm1*up to 60 mm250
103104.0 x 210 mm1*up to 90 mm250
103204.0 x 235 mm1*up to 115 mm250
103304.0 x 260 mm1*up to 140 mm250
103334.0 x 300 mm1*up to 170 mm250
103254.0 x 330 mm1*up to 200 mm250


Clamping plate

Water draining disc

Screw adapter

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