Quality steel nails smooth

  • Deep countersunk head
  • Splinter-free
  • Smooth shaft
  • Bright galvanised

Product Images

Article Data

Art. NoTypeDimensionBoxOuter carton
35450SG3.5 x 45 mm2505000
35460SG3.5 x 50 mm2505000
35470SG3.5 x 55 mm2505000
35480SG3.5 x 60 mm2505000
35490SG3.5 x 65 mm2505000
35500SG3.5 x 75 mm2503000
35510SG3.5 x 80 mm2503000
35530SG4.25 x 50 mm2505000
35540SG4.25 x 60 mm2503000
35550SG4.25 x 70 mm2503000
35560SG4.25 x 80 mm2503000
35570SG4.25 x 100 mm2503000

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