Two-part cavity wall tie - DUO

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The Cavity wall tie type DUO is a two-part system consisting of a sheet metal part and a wire part, made of stainless steel Werkst. No. 1.4401 / 1.4362. The two components are processed separately. The sheet metal part remains securely in the fresh mortar bed, whether normal or thin-bed mortar, until the next layer of bricks is set. This prevents the anchors from falling down.

Since no anchors protrude from the masonry, there is no risk of injury. The ties do not have to be bent up and down. This results in fast, rational and safe processing.

If the clinker masonry is then constructed, the wire parts are connected to the sheet metal parts. An ingenious coupling, which has been tested in many ways, creates the secure connection and guarantees a permanent hold. The wire parts are matched to the selected shell spacing. The applied shaft safely absorbs the required tensile and compressive load. There is no need to angle the wire parts - saving time and money.

The anchors are generally approved by the building authorities. Namely for Tray spacing from 40-150 mm. Other anchors approved for use in thin-bed joints are only approved for shell distances of 100 mm or more. The development of highly insulating rear masonry with internal insulation allows shell distances smaller than 100 mm up to a minimum distance of 40 mm.

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Article Data

Art. NoShell distance up toWire lengthBox
1501060 mm113 mm250
1502080 mm133 mm250
15030100 mm153 mm250
15040120 mm173 mm250
15050140 mm193 mm250
15060150 mm213 mm250


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