Adjusting screws

  • Galvanised steel version.
  • With countersunk head and T-Rox drive T25.

Slats can be mounted steplessly on wooden substructures at a distance. The adjustment screw is screwed through the wooden batten into the wooden substructure without pre-drilling. After flush screwing in, the distance of the wooden batten can be adjusted exactly by turning to the left. Wedges or blocks are no longer necessary.


  • Wood on wood assembly
  • Time-saving, rational processing without pre-drilling
  • Precise, stepless spacing assembly
  • no aids such as wedges and blocks necessary

With T-Rox drive T25

Product Images

Article Data

Art. NoDimensionBoxOuter carton
513006 x 60 mm2002400
513106 x 70 mm2002400
513206 x 80 mm2002400
513306 x 90 mm2002400
513406 x 100 mm1001200
513506 x 110 mm1001200
513606 x 120 mm1001200
513706 x 130 mm1001200
513806 x 145 mm1001200

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