Cavity wall tie model ZV-Welle/5

The cavity wall tie model ZV-Welle/5, approved by the supervisory building authority Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, is a one-piece fastening component consisting of a V4A wire anchor.

DBGM (German design patent) approved for cavity width up to 400 mm.

The cavity wall tie model ZV-Welle/5 can be used for fixing brick facing to back walls of concrete and solid brick. The processing time is reduced to a minimum due to the pre-assembly of the two components. Due to the wavy end there is no need to bend the anchor into the outer leaf.

Processing mistakes are nearly impossible as a drive in pipe is included to each box.

  • Further dimensions available on request
  • Actual length = name less 25 mm, due to no need of bending
  • Incl. 1 drive-in pipe per box

Product Images

Article Data

Art. NoNameCavity widthBox
131105,0 x 350up to 215 mm250
131155,0 x 375up to 240 mm250
131205,0 x 400up to 265 mm250
131255,0 x 425up to 290 mm250
131305,0 x 450up to 315 mm250
131355,0 x 475up to 340 mm250
131405,0 x 500up to 365 mm250
131455,0 x 525up to 390 mm250
131505,0 x 550up to 415 mm**250

**approved up to 400 mm cavity width


Clamping plate

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