Cavity wall tie model Well-L

Made of stainless steel Werkst. No. 1.4401 / 1.4362 for double-shell masonry, to be used with or without thermal insulation.

Approved by the building authorities up to 250 mm Tray spacing.

Particularly time-saving to work with, as there is no need to angle the anchor in the facing shell.

Cost-effective due to material savings and reduced stock-keeping.

Corrugated L-anchors replace conventional L- and Z-anchors, low installation height in the joint due to flat corrugation, the corrugation is part of the approval.

  • Actual length = designation minus 25 mm, as the anchor no longer needs to be angled.

Product Images

Article Data

Art. NoNameCavity widthBox
10600Well-L 3 x 225up to 100 mm250
10610Well-L 3 x 250up to 125 mm250
10620Well-L 3 x 275up to 150 mm250
10630Well-L 3 x 300up to 175 mm250
10640Well-L 3 x 340up to 215 mm250
Art. NoNameCavity widthBox
10650Well-L 4 x 225 *up to 100 mm250
10660Well-L 4 x 250 *up to 125 mm250
10670Well-L 4 x 275 *up to 150 mm250
10680Well-L 4 x 300 *up to 175 mm250
10690Well-L 4 x 340 *up to 215 mm250
10700Well-L 4 x 400 *up to 275 mm**250

* approved by the building authorities
** approved by the building authorities up to 250 mm shell distance


Clamping plate

Water draining disc

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