Plug cavity wall tie PU-Welle

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NEW, now also for aerated concrete

Plug cavity wall tie PU-Welle for fixing PU rigid foam panels. Made of stainless steel material no. 1.4401 or 1.4362.

Use with double-skin masonry for Aerated concreteconcrete and KS solid brick.

Approved by the building authorities up to 250 mm Shell spacing also in aerated concrete.

Minimisation of cold bridges, the rigid foam insulation no longer has to be pushed over the anchor.

"Clean" processing, the drill hole is completely covered by the insulation plug.

Particularly time savingas there is no need to angle the anchor in the facing shell.

  • An impact tube is enclosed with each packaging
  • For use in aerated concrete, the following is additionally required, in accordance with the approval SDS special drill needs
  • Actual length of wire anchor = designation minus 25 mm

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Article Data

Art. NoNameInsulation thicknessAir layerBox
10500155/250up to 105 mmup to 20 mm250
10510155/275up to 105 mmup to 45 mm250
10520155/300up to 105 mmup to 70 mm250
10530175/275up to 125 mmup to 25 mm250
10540175/300up to 125 mmup to 50 mm250
10550175/350up to 125 mmup to 100 mm250
10560195/300up to 145 mmup to 30 mm250
10570195/350up to 145 mmup to 80 mm250
10514210/310up to 160 mmup to 25 mm250
10516210/ 325up to 160 mmup to 40 mm250
10524230/ 325up to 180 mmup to 20 mm250
10526230/350up to 180 mmup to 45 mm250
10544250/ 350up to 200 mmup to 25 mm250
10546250/375up to 200 mmup to 50 mm250
10554270/375up to 220 mmup to 30 mm250
10556270/4 00up to 220 mm**up to 55 mm250
10574290/375up to 240 mmup to 10 mm250
10576290 /400up to 240 mm**up to 35 mm250
10584310/400up to 260 mm**up to 15 mm250
10586310/425up to 260 mm**up to 40 mm250

** approved by the building authorities up to 250 mm shell distance


Water draining disc

SDS special drill for aerated concrete

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