May 2020 | Record-breaking - NEW -" 400 mm shell distance

In the course of increasing requirements in terms of energy saving for double-skin masonry, we are introducing another innovation to you today.

In addition to the extension of the approval for our classic anchor ZV-Welle up to 250 mm shell spacing, we were also able to extend the approval with the new dowel anchor ZV shaft/5 achieve a significant extension of the permitted shell distance to a whopping 400 mm.

With this development, we are responding to the wishes of building owners, planners and architects to realise larger shell spacings for e.g. storey construction and thus to be one step ahead from an energy point of view.

The dowel anchor ZV Welle/5 with 5 mm wire anchor diameter has general design approval up to 400 mm shell spacing.

The best part: Due to the increased wire diameter, the number of anchors / m² corresponds to the normatively regulated number of anchors. Additional complex calculations are therefore no longer necessary. Building owners, planners and architects are thus on the safe side!

In addition, another steel quality will be part of the type approval in future: 1.4462, CRC IV, for objects that are constructed in direct proximity to the coastline.